Setup instructions for Mail
(Domain based Gmail hosted by Google)

Note:  To access web mail, or to control your account, go to:
or, for less typing replace hosted with the letter "a"

There are several ways you can use your new mail account:

  1. Automatically forward mail to you current ISP, after removing suspected spam.
  2. Keep your mail on a real mailbox at (Google) until you read it with favorite eMail program (Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc.)
  3. Access your mail at via a Web Browser, from any machine on the internet. (You can still download to your eMail program when you get home.)

For anyone choosing option 1 (the initial way I setup previously existing addresses) you should review at least the first two of these examples:

As people have more questions, I'll try to post more examples of using options 2 and 3. Home Page Resource Index

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