HTML Special Characters

(Version with special characters actually embedded -- after running Tidy)

Special Characters in HTML 2.0

        &lt;      <  less-than symbol
        &gt;      >  greater-than symbol
        &amp;     &  ampersand
        &quot;    "  unidirectional typewriter-style double quote
        &nbsp;       non-breaking space
        &shy;     -  soft hyphen (appears only if line breaks)

Special Characters in HTML 3.0

&#160;  &nbsp;       non-breaking space
&#161;  &iexcl;     inverted exclamation mark
&#162;  &cent;      cent sign
&#163;  &pound;     pound sign
&#164;  &curren;    general currency sign
&#165;  &yen;       yen sign
&#166;  &brvbar;    broken (vertical) bar
&#167;  &sect;      section sign
&#168;  &uml;       umlaut/dieresis
&#169;  &copy;      copyright sign
&#170;  &ordf;      ordinal indicator, fem
&#171;  &laquo;     angle quotation mark, left
&#172;  &not;       not sign
&#173;  &shy;       soft hyphen (appears only at line break)
&#174;  &reg;       registered sign
&#175;  &macr;      macron
&#176;  &deg;       degree sign
&#177;  &plusmn;    plus-or-minus sign
&#178;  &sup2;      superscript two
&#179;  &sup3;      superscript three
&#180;  &acute;     acute accent
&#181;  &micro;     micro sign
&#182;  &para;      pilcrow (paragraph sign)
&#183;  &middot;    middle dot
&#184;  &cedil;     cedilla
&#185;  &sup1;      superscript one
&#186;  &ordm;      ordinal indicator, male
&#187;  &raquo;     angle quotation mark, right
&#188;  &frac14;    fraction one-quarter
&#189;  &frac12;    fraction one-half
&#190;  &frac34;    fraction three-quarters
&#191;  &iquest;    inverted question mark
&#215;  &times;     multiply sign
&#247;  &div;       division

Quote characters supported by most browsers

&#39;             '  unidirectional typewriter-style single quote
&#145;  &lsquo;   ‘  open single quote
&#146;  &rsquo;   ’  close single quote
&#147;  &ldquo;   “  open double quote
&#148;  &rdquo;   ”  close double quote

Foreign characters (a.k.a. the ISO Latin-1 characters)

        &Agrave;    capital A, grave accent
        &agrave;    small a, grave accent
        &Aacute;    capital A, acute accent
        &aacute;    small a, acute accent
        &Acirc;     capital A, circumflex
        &acirc;     small a, circumflex
        &Atilde;    capital A, tilde
        &atilde;    small a, tilde
        &Auml;      capital A, diresis/umlaut
        &auml;      small a, diresis/umlaut
        &Aring;     capital A, ring
        &aring;     small a, ring
        &AElig;     capital AE ligature
        &aelig;     small ae ligature
        &Ccedil;    capital C, cedilla
        &ccedil;    small c, cedilla
        &Egrave;    capital E, grave accent
        &egrave;    small e, grave accent
        &Eacute;    capital E, acute accent
        &eacute;    small e, acute accent
        &Ecirc;     capital E, circumflex
        &ecirc;     small e, circumflex
        &Euml;      capital E, diresis/umlaut
        &euml;      small e, diresis/umlaut
        &Igrave;    capital I, grave accent
        &igrave;    small i, grave accent
        &Iacute;    capital I, acute accent
        &iacute;    small i, acute accent
        &Icirc;     capital I, circumflex
        &icirc;     small i, circumflex
        &Iuml;      capital I, diresis/umlaut
        &iuml;      small i, diresis/umlaut
        &ETH;       capital Eth, Icelandic
        &eth;       small eth, Icelandic
        &Ntilde;    capital N, tilde
        &ntilde;    small n, tilde
        &Ograve;    capital O, grave accent
        &ograve;    small o, grave accent
        &Oacute;    capital O, acute accent
        &oacute;    small o, acute accent
        &Ocirc;     capital O, circumflex
        &ocirc;     small o, circumflex
        &Otilde;    capital O, tilde
        &otilde;    small o, tilde
        &Ouml;      capital O, diresis/umlaut
        &ouml;      small o, diresis/umlaut
        &Oslash;    capital O, slash
        &oslash;    small o, slash
        &Ugrave;    capital U, grave accent
        &ugrave;    small u, grave accent
        &Uacute;    capital U, acute accent
        &uacute;    small u, acute accent
        &Ucirc;     capital U, circumflex
        &ucirc;     small u, circumflex
        &Uuml;      capital U, diresis/umlaut
        &uuml;      small u, diresis/umlaut
        &Yacute;    capital Y, acute accent
        &yacute;    small y, acute accent
        &THORN;     capital Thorn, Icelandic
        &thorn;     small thorn, Icelandic
        &szlig;     small sharp s, German sz
        &yuml;      small y, diresis/umlaut

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